Your African business research

partner with over 18 years of

experience in Sub-Saharan Africa


African Business Advisors

African Business Advisors

Expanding your company into a new territory is something which requires a lot of market research and local knowledge. At African Business Advisors we can assist you with the following disciplines:

- Business research 
- Feasibility studies
- Market research
- Trade missions

In most of the Sub-Saharan countries we are having local partnerships which can assist with the following issues:

- Local housing
- Interim Management
- (expat) recruitment
- Local partner search
- Corporate affairs Commission registrationi- Tax registration
- Document legalization
- Legal assist 




Fields of expertise:
- Renewable Energy
- Retail

- Import/Export
- Haulage
- Dealer networks
- Automotive
- Trucks, Trailers
- Truck and Trailer parts
- Mining
- Agriculture
- Construction
- Commodities
- OEM supply
- Investments